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Top 3 questions to ask before booking a chauffeured limo

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15:02 PM

When you hire a limo, whether it’s for a corporate function, hen’s night, winery tour or wedding, you’re entitled to expect a luxurious, seamless experience. You’ll be anticipating outstanding customer service, an immaculately presented vehicle and a perfect, stress-free trip from A to B (and all at an agreed-upon price).


To avoid any nasty surprises or disappointment on your special night we’ve compiled our list of the top three questions you need to ask before you book a chauffeured limo.


  1. What will incur extra charges?


The quickest way to ruin memories of an awesome limo night out is when you get the bill the next day and it’s heart-stoppingly high. What happened? You were quoted an amount, and you agreed to it, why do you now have such a giant bill?


The total cost of hiring a chauffeured limo can vary from the original quote depending on a number of factors like:


  • The amount of time the chauffeur has to wait to pick you (or guests) up – your limo hire company should advise you how long they will wait for a pick-up before they start charging. If you leave your chauffer sitting in a limo outside your house for two hours it will cost you!
  • What time period you make the booking for, and whether you finish on time. Just like many other services, extra costs can apply if you book a limo during peak times. This obviously means if you go over your allotted off-peak time, and into peak time, you need to be aware what the extra cost will be.
  • If you require detours or extra spur-of-the moment pick-ups/stops. Most companies will charge extra for unplanned extra kilometres or pick-ups.


Make sure you’re clear on what the extra costs could be. If the limo hire company is vague or cannot provide you with a full breakdown of its fees and charges, take your business elsewhere.


  1. What is included in the limo package?


Unless you’re a celebrity or corporate highflyer, you might be basing your ideas about what your limo experience should feature on Hollywood movies: things like a fully stocked bar, with champagne flutes and glass tumblers; or surround sound, a high definition TV and a red carpet roll-out.


Limo companies can most often provide all of the above, plus cater for a wide variety of additional requests. The important thing is that you ask what is included in the package you want to purchase.


Limo companies cater to a variety of budgets. Don’t go paying a budget price, expect the top-of-the-range limo experience and then be disappointed on the night.


  1. What are the rules?


The limo experience is all about fun, festivity and excitement. In most limos you’ll be allowed to drink alcohol and other beverages, eat and play music. However be sure you ask before you make the booking so you’re not caught out.


If you need to cater for a guest in a wheelchair or a baby, again ask first. Ask whether or not photo stops are included in the package (or if there will be an extra charge) and if it’s ok to bring your own drinks. 


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