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Always get your chauffeur to drop you to the airport a lot earlier than your flight

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10:00 AM

Do you arrive at the airport two hours ahead of time for air travel, or do you normally show up at the last minute? Arriving too soon at the airport might seem uncomfortable and a waste of effort when flight delays or cancellations occur. But even so, we believe that it's better to be safe than sorry.


It may be a stretch to arrive two hours early, and it is not always necessary, especially for domestic flights. Nonetheless, it's best to arrive at the airport around an hour before your flight, giving you just enough time to go through security checks and reach your gate on time.

Here’s why you should always get your chauffeur to drop you to the airport a lot earlier than your flight.



We have a tendency to underestimate all of the potential roadblocks on our trip to the airport. It is unwise to believe that the road will be in good condition and that the commute will exactly be an hour (if you live an hour away from the airport).


What you need to keep in mind is that transportation delays are to be expected in any city or town, which is why you should depart far earlier than you think it will take you to get to the airport. A business trip or a family vacation does not begin well if you miss your flight owing to excessive traffic. As previously stated, it is preferable to arrive early rather than late.


Screening Process

Security inspections at airports are unpleasant and always seem to take an eternity. You'll almost certainly have to open your suitcase and take off your shoes. It becomes better with practice, but it's still a time-consuming procedure. Another reason to arrive at the airport early and get everything out of the way before your flight departs is to avoid missing your flight. Failure to consider this procedure could result in you missing your flight.


Preferred Seats

One of the advantages of arriving early at the airport is that you can request a specific seat according to your preference if there are still availablities. The majority of passengers prefer the window seat because of the view, while others prefer the aisle seat because of the convenience. If you arrive early enough, you'll have a better chance of finding your desired seat.



You won't have to wait for your aircraft to board if you arrive early to the airport and go through security. Allow yourself some more time to be productive and get some coverage on a critical assignment. Make use of the free Wi-Fi, and your flight will be called out before you know it.


Make sure you have a dependable mode of transportation to get to the airport on time. Hobart Limo Service guarantees that you will arrive at the airport a lot earlier than your flight time, but not so early that you will be stuck there for hours.