Basic Passenger Etiquette When Using a Chauffeur Service

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We all know how to behave when we're travelling by public transport. However, not many people use chauffeur services and ride in luxury cars like limousines very often. The sound of riding in a luxury vehicle is enough to give you the butterfly sensations in your stomach because it's sure one hell of an experience. However, if you have never used a chauffeur service, you may not know what basic etiquettes you should follow when using one.


Driving with a chauffeur in a private vehicle is nothing like travelling in public transport. Therefore, you need to follow a different set of etiquettes. Read this blog post to know what these etiquettes are to save yourself from any sort of embarrassment when using a chauffeur service.


Always Communicate the Right Number of Passengers

One of the first and the most basic things you must do when hiring a chauffeur service is to communicate the correct number of passengers that’ll be riding with you. The chauffeur service will assign a car based on that number. If you show up with more passengers, the chauffeur can refuse to let you ride with them. There are strict rules regarding how many people can ride in a car, and communicating incorrect numbers will only create problems for you and the chauffeur.


Get in the Car the Right Way

You read that right – there’s a right way to get in the car. You certainly wouldn’t want to make a fool out of yourself in front of the chauffeur. You shouldn’t jump into the seat. Instead, seat yourself on the seat nearest to the door and swing both your legs up to ensure you get seated smoothly. Then, to move to a seat where you want to sit for the rest of your ride, don’t cross over the already seated passengers. Slide across the seat till you find a suitable seat.


Let the Driver Open and Close the Door for You

You might not be used to having someone else open and close the car door for you, but when you've hired a chauffeur service, you better enjoy the taste of luxury and class. Let your driver open and close the car door for you. It's one of the most basic passenger etiquettes when riding with a chauffeur service. Don’t fling yourself to the door when you reach your destination. Wait for the driver to stop the car, walk over to the door, and open it for you.


Get Out of the Car Like a Mermaid

We have all seen funny celeb photos whilst they are struggling to get out of a limo so why not try the mermaid technique? Put both your legs together like a mermaid and place them on the floor together and then stand up. Don't poke your head out of the car; hold the side of the door with your hand and put one leg after the other when climbing out. Make your exit look graceful and classy!


It’s perfectly okay to not know basic passenger etiquettes when using chauffeur service. However, just make sure you familiarise yourself with the basic etiquettes before riding in the luxury vehicle to keep yourself from looking awkward and anything that’s less than classy and graceful.