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For the Best Tasting Wine, Organise a Winery Tour

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15:08 PM

If you are a newbie in the field of wine and wine tasting, you may find it hard to choose from the vast collection available in the market. To get accustomed to the tradition of the winery and acquire extensive knowledge, you need to visit those wine regions that are culturally rich. Have a one-on-one with the growers and producers of the fine wineries and get to know more and more about the entire process.


You can do so if you plan a wine tour. This experience will be outdoorsy, informative, and not to forget FUN!


Make a Day Out of it

Try to organise your tour during lunchtime when the organisers are free and have plenty of time to discuss the process with you. If you plan a winery tour in the off-season, you might get more time, hence, more information out of workers. During the high season, workers are mostly busy, and your tour might go in vain.


Refrain from planning a winery tour during August and October as these are the busiest months; you won’t be able to dig in deep.


Plan Your Day

 Once you decide to plan a winery tour, don’t rush the process. Take one step at a time – reserve a day for three to four wineries only. Otherwise, you won’t be able to understand the process. Each location is important and requires your undivided attention. If you are constantly rushing, eager to jump on to the next step, you won’t be able to learn anything.


Prepare a List of Questions

If you have any questions popping up in your mind, note them down beforehand. Visit each location and ask questions accordingly. While you are exploring the wineries, you might want to ask a hundred more questions; don’t hesitate. Ask. Even the simplest questions can offer you valuable insight.


You can start by asking questions about the founder of the winery or the date this particular winery was founded on.


Test the Waters – It’s NOT Rude!

When you visit a winery, you will likely be offered to taste a glass of wine. Drink moderately. If you do not like its taste, simply return without having to worry about sounding rude. After all, it is called wine tasting!


Don’t Reserve to Your Favourite Wine

Exploring wineries means tasting different types of wine that you have never tasted before. Don’t reserve your favourite wine; explore. Know that every vineyard has set a different way to make wine. Every winemaker has a different set of rules that contribute to the taste. Explore the flavours and see how wines change from place to place.


Organising a winery tour is fun if you are not taking it too seriously. Don’t let it take a toll on you. Take one step at a time and explore different ways of making different wines. Relax and enjoy!