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Things to Ask Prior to Booking Your Wedding Chauffeur

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16:00 PM

One of the important aspects of wedding planning is the entrance and exit of the bride and groom. Couples aim to ensure it is nothing short of a spectacle for guests to remember it forever.


A lot goes into planning a memorable walk-in and out of your wedding location – from choosing the right wedding car to its decoration to the chauffeur driving the vehicle, to other teeny tiny details.  When choosing a chauffeur for your big day, make sure you ask them the following questions. This will help you decide if you have picked the right person to drive your wedding conveyance.


1.    How Much Do You Charge?

Obviously, this is probably the first thing you should ask a chauffeur. Different chauffeurs charge different fees depending on the car you hire, the time that you hire it for, the distance that needs to be covered, etc. Experienced chauffeurs tend to charge more money than novice drivers.


Confirm the pricing beforehand so that you’re dead sure whether or not you can afford the services of your desired chauffeur for your special day.


2.    When Do You Need Payment?

This should be settled before you sign the contract with a chauffeur. Some chauffeurs demand advanced payment while others may be fine with getting paid after the festivities are over. Before you hire a chauffeur of your choice, make sure to ask them what their preferred payment terms and conditions are.


3.    Are You Specifically Trained?

While many chauffeurs may claim to be well-trained, never take them for their word straight away. In fact, it’s better to show some proof of their training, such as a certificate.


Hiring a well-skilled and trained chauffeur on your wedding day will ensure a top-class transportation service. 


4.    How Will You Be Dressed On the Special Day?

Appearance is the most important aspect of a chauffeur’s job. They need to look decent and presentable to suit the occasion.


Wedding transportation companies often follow their own dress policies, which you should be aware of when hiring one. That said, most of them have their chauffeurs dressed up in a suit and a white tie, sometimes, with a hat, too. If your wedding has a special theme, you can ask the chauffeur you hire to dress up accordingly. To ensure nothing goes against your plan, you can provide your chauffeur with clothing you want them to see in on your wedding day.


To sum it all up

Asking these aforementioned questions is important to hire the best chauffeur there is. If you’re on the lookout for the best transportation company for your special day, look no further than Hobart Limo Services. It’s a reliable and professional company that will make your big day bigger with its exceptional transportation services!