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How to tell the difference between a Good and Bad Chauffeur?

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08:00 AM

Chauffeurs are typically hired for grand occasions such as weddings, proms, or sophisticated balls. Since most people get drivers on special events, they might not know how to distinguish between good and bad service. Because in most cases, clients are too consumed in the glory of a limo to focus on anything else. And let's be real, the perks of being in a limousine are too distracting; therefore, nobody heeds to how the chauffeur is doing. However, one must pay attention to a chauffeur's performance, so they know if they are being treated right.


So how does one know if the chauffeur assigned to them is good or bad? Well, there are many ways to differentiate between a professional and an unprofessional chauffeur, but here are the most effective five ways to judge a driver's performance.


A Good Chauffeur is Well-Dressed

If you open the door to your house to a disheveled driver dresses in wrinkled clothes, then that's the first sign that they are not professional. An excellent chauffeur always shows up in an immaculately pressed uniform with coiffed hair.


A Good Chauffeur is Punctual

If you are ready and have to wait for your chauffeur, then you know you have gotten a shoddy driver. A good chauffeur always arrives 5-10 minutes earlier to the decided time. Such behavior shows that they are respectable and take their job seriously.  


Coming before the set time is not necessary, as long as your chauffeur is not late.  


A Good Chauffeur Drives with Control

A professional driver could never be a reckless driver. They are always careful while driving and will follow proper protocol under any circumstances. If you find your limo hitting every other bump and pothole on the road, then you can safely conclude that your driver is unprofessional.


A Good Chauffeur is Chivalrous

You should always expect your chauffeur to escort you to the limo and open the door for you. If they don't do that, then you must label them a bad chauffeur right away. A professional chauffeur will never hop into their seat first without closing the door to the back seat for the passenger.


A Good Chauffeur keeps the Car-Tank Full

When you are traveling with a trained driver, you can be sure then they are not going to stop at a servo to fill the tank. An excellent chauffeur always comes with a fully-fuelled car so that the passenger doesn't have to stop at a petrol station. If you make a stop to get fuel on your way, then know that your driver is poor at their job.


Apart from all the before-mentioned qualities of a good chauffeur, friendliness is also an essential trait of a professional driver. A good driver is friendly. They always greet clients with a smile and ask them if they enjoyed the ride after it’s over. If you think your driver is in a bad mood and you find yourself hesitating when asking a question, then they are highly unprofessional. An excellent chauffeur is always approachable.


Don't settle for an inferior limo service. Always evaluate your chauffeurs so that you can give your feedback later and be compensated in the case of a bad experience.


If you want a limo service with an excellent chauffeur who has all these qualities, then you should contact us today. We have the best vehicle service with the most professional drivers for all kinds of occasions in all of Hobart, Australia.